new gemstone chatelaines available

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This beautiful agate cabochon chatelaine is now available for $150.  It is a one-of-a-kind piece with 8 loops at the bottom.  You can fill them all or just a few.  Inspired by the stone, itself, I put “bubbles” at the bottom. My father was a geologist/rock hound and he taught “Earth Science” at my high school.  As my 3 brothers and I got older, he started buying us rock hammers and shovels so that we could explore with him.  Family vacations usually included a first night campout at Devils Tower (remember that alien movie with the mashed potatoes?)…  then on west to Garnet Gulch where we shoveled and sifted for nice garnets.  We always brought home a trailer weighed down with petrified wood and worn shovels.  Enjoy the Gemstones… but appreciate what happens to them before the sterling silver frame and perfect spot as a necklace:  God’s handiwork, then human discovery, transportation, cutting and finishing.

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