Big Bubbles Sterling Silver Chatelaine with gem


The big bubbles chatelaine was designed using the lost wax process.  It has a nice vintage look, and plenty of space to attach your quilting tools.  Chain necklace can clasp in the front at one end.   Huge favorite!

Category: SKU: CHT1056

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Amethyst (Purple)
Aquamarine (Light Blue)
Baltic Amber (Golden Brown)
Charoite (Purple)
Citrine (Yellow)
Denim Blue Lolite (Blue)
Emerald (Green)
Fire Opal (Yellow)
Garnet (Burgundy)
Labradorite (Blue)
Labradorite (Yellow)
Lapis Lazuli (Royal Blue)
Larimar (Blue)
Malakite (Green)
Moonstone (White)
Neon Apatite (Blue)
Paua Shell (Red/Green/Blue/Purple)
Pearl (White)
Peridot (Lime Green)
Rhodochrosite (Pink)
Ruby (Deep Pink)
Sapphire (Blue)
Sky Blue Topaz
Smoky Quartz (Grey)
Snow White Turquoise
Sunstone (Orange)
Tigereye (Golden Brown)
Tourmaline (Green)
Tourmaline (Watermleon Pink)
Turquoise w/Copper