My grandma Lelia loved her garden. She had mounds and brambles
of zinnias and bachelor buttons. On Mother’s Day every year,
we walked through the woods to find the Dutchman’s Britches
and Dogtooth Violets.

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Thimble Cages


Please, while ordering thimble cages include the size and name of your thimble as sizing is tricky. We will confirm the cage fits perfectly to your thimble before shipping.

Gingher Scissor Sheath & Chain


This beautiful Sterling Silver scissor sheath holds a pair of small stainless steel scissors.  It is on a 12 inch chain which can be attached to a chatelaine.  If you wear your chatelaine on a 30 inch chain (with the 6 inch drop on the scissor chain…) this is a very useful tool for actually holding scissors in a place that they can be used.  The stainless scissors come in a matte finish silver and/or a glossy finish with gold highlights.  Request the motif of your choice (or none at all). Scissors are sold separately, this item is sheath and chain only.

I have five styles of sheath and chain, each one a different size to fit different styles of scissors. Please, bring your scissors to the show so you can try them on.