I am a farm girl. I grew up watching my dad run back and forth through the fields; delicately dodging the growing corn as he turned over the black earth. He called that “cultivating”. I love “cultivating” your sewing skills with my sterling silver tools.

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Thimble Cages


Please, while ordering thimble cages include the size and name of your thimble as sizing is tricky. We will confirm the cage fits perfectly to your thimble before shipping.

Sheep and Lamb Thimble


This sterling silver thimble has an open nail style. It has a Sheep and Lamb design that makes it nice to use with felted wool applique.

Stainless Steel Scissors


Gingher, Copper, Large Gold, and Large Platinum Scissors fit well in a Gingher or Jan’s Sheath.

Small Gold or Small Platinum Scissors fit well in a Bijou Sheath.

Scroll or Maria Scissors fit well in any sheath.