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Thread Cutter/Needle Threader Combination Tool with Gem


Sterling Silver combination tool is all hand made.  There is a round blade behind the flower motif at the top. It shows through between the flower petals, and can cut threads without slicing your blouse.  The extended tube contains a stainless steel needle threader.  It is all chained together and attaches with an 8 mm spring ring to your ensemble.

Sterling Silver and Felted Wool Pincushion Ring – Mini Flower


Sterling Silver. Filled with felted wool

Specify color choice for pincushion pad during checkout.

Scissors and Sterling Silver Pattern Sheath Without Gem


Sterling Silver sheath holds 6 inch stainless steel decorative scissors.  Chain through the handles allows you to use it without disconnecting.

Sheath:  $170 with gem $150 without gem

Scissors:  $25.

Vine motif Thimble Cage, 3 sizes in Sterling Silver


A thimble should fit snugly into it’s cage. I would be happy to fit your thimble into a sterling silver cage from our collection. Each hinged cage comes with a lobster clasp which holds the 2 sides together. The heavy figure 8 connector can hang from a chain (with a guard chain) OR the cage could be attached to a chatelaine with the 8mm spring ring.

Small Needle Keeper in Sterling Silver


This sterling silver needle keeper is 2.5 inches tall and 0.5 inches wide with a fitted lid.  The 2 pieces are chained together and have an 8mm spring ring to attach to your ensemble.

Small Natural Gemstone and Glass Bobble for Thimble


Sterling Silver chain with Glass & Gemstones. Each bobble is beautiful, one of a kind and unique.  These are fitted to your thimble.

Specify a preferred color during checkout.

Acorn Thimble Holder


Jan’s Scissors Sheath


This beautiful Sterling Silver scissor sheath holds a pair of small stainless steel scissors.  It is on a 12 inch chain which can be attached to a chatelaine.  If you wear your chatelaine on a 30 inch chain (with the 6 inch drop on the scissor chain…) this is a very useful tool for actually holding scissors in a place that they can be used.  The stainless scissors come in a matte finish silver and/or a glossy finish with gold highlights.  Request the motif of your choice (or none at all).

Thread Cutter, Sterling Silver with Gem


These beautiful Sterling Silver Thread Cutters have a stainless steel round blade hiding behind the decorative cover.  Each of the divots around the edge house a sharp spot where threads can be cut.