Basic Hand Sewing Tips for Beginners

Knowing a few simple hand sewing techniques can prove to be a valuable life skill. It doesn’t just allow you to make small repairs (think buttons that come off, tiny tears, hem repairs and so on) but also helps you undertake simple sewing projects (like simple baby clothes or gifts). While some might say that…


The History of Thimbles

A thimble is a protective shield worn on the finger or thumb generally worn during sewing. While collecting thimbles became popular in the mid 1800 as a result of the special thimbles that were made for the Great Exhibition held in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, the earliest known thimble was Roman and…

Sterling silver Bunny open nail thimble

The Latest Thimbles for 2021

We have had a rough 2020.  Resilience has been the halmark of the entrepreneur survivors. I have had a really refreshing year for design work.  As many of you know it has been my normal schedule to vend at Quilt Shows for 40 weekends (out of 52).  I have met 1000’s of you… and examined…